Pláticas de la conferencia de Homeschool Católico de SA

Enviado por Marisol Rodero el 09/03/2017 - 9:43pm.

YA ESTÁN AQUI!!! las pláticas de la conferencia de Homeschool Católico de SA! les pego la información directa, con la lista de pláticas. Todas las pláticas 15 usd, pero si sólo quieres las pláticas en español, están a 5usd! se los recomiendo mucho! :D NOTA: si pueden, les recomiendo todas! Están muy buenas. Les quiero comentar que mi plática versión español comienza en el minuto 18:30. Hello, Catholic Homeschool families.

The mp3 audio recordings of most of the 2016 San Antonio Catholic Homeschooling Conference Talks are now available. So many great topics! Did you miss a talk? Do you want to hear one again? When you purchase the mp3 recordings, you can listen at your leisure. The complete set is $15.00, or you can purchase just the Spanish talks for $5.00. The complete set of talks includes: 1. Successful Homeschooing by Laura Berquist 2. Jane Austin and Virtue by Laura Berquist 3. Divine Mercy by Sister Kim 4. Educating the Light of the World by Laura Berquist (keynote address) 5. Love Lessons 1-9: Learning about His Love One Blessing at a Time by Matthew and Lissette Lange 6. Joy in Your Homeschool by Marisol Rodero 7. No temas! Tu Puedes Hacer Homeschool by Shelley Davis (Spanish) 8. Escuela Evangelizadora by Mauricio Romero (Spanish) 9. Considera la bonidad que Dios ha tenido contigo by Hna. Hortencia (Spanish) 10. Alegria en la Educacion en el hogar by Marisol Rodero (Spanish) Please go to the Saint Anne Homeschool Support website at and click on the designated link to purchase the talks. When we have received confirmation of your purchase, we will email you a password that will enable you to download the talks. We hope you enjoy these inspiring Catholic speakers. Happy listening! Thank you and God Bless you, St. Anne 2016 Conference Team